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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. president obama and speaker take the debt ceiling battle to the american people. we're days from hitting the deficit ceiling. no more borrowing, no more money. what is going to happen? good evening, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: what did you think of the speech tonight? >> the president seems to be clinging to that status quo of wanting to tax more and spend more. i think speaker baneor is absolutely right. you can't keep spending money you don't have. and there is a lot from china you don't stay a strong, forceful nation if you owe
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that money to a foreign country. >> the president has signed on as much as anyone signed on at this point to senate majority leader harry reid's plan. could you? >> no. a lot of budget gimmicks and a lot after tack -- accounting tricks. you listened to the president. what did you hear? scare tackics. -- tactics. you saw a president using poll-tested words he thinks are going to poll well with the american public. the president is there to educate the people about things not to scare them. >> greta: now, you say gimmicks and heard other people say that. are you saying the accounting gimmick because it, correct me if i'm wrong, is that it's cause for cuts in the future for thing that's haven't been appropriated?. >> there is that component to it. i do like the idea that that speaker boehner's atorch for
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every dollar you want raised we're going to find $1 of a cut in spending. that is the problem. i was just home in wyoming talking to people this past weekend. probably -- people of wyoming say it's not they're taxed too little, it's that washington spends too much. you've got to cut spending. >> greta: there are eight days left. what is your prediction? going to the drawing board two, du -- dualing bills here in capitol hill. both will get passed and two bills go to conference with a reconciliation. right? >> well, looking forward to speaker boehner getting his passed in the house, then i'd like to have a chance to vote on that in the senate. i'd vote for it. >> greta: so, where in this conversation next saturday night? where what where are we going to be? >> we're go to find a solution to this. >> greta: how? >> it's going to be a
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short-term solution. two bites of the apple for every dollar of legitimate spending cuts you find, they'll raise the debt ceiling by that. with a president to come up with a number based on his election saying there is only one real bottom line to, make sure that this goes through all the way past the election. that is not the role of the president of the united states to be so focused on his election, not on the american people and the needs of the country. >> greta: why do you think he said that? because -- i asked this of the senator because he's only interested in his own reelection or do you think, it matters the american and market has a sense of prediction of what we're doing in the economy? because there is a psychological component with the economy? and how do we know which one and geithner said the same thing they make spending and used the word "beyond the election". a number of times, you've reported the debt ceiling has
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been raised, around seven months goes on for seven months and they have to go back to do it over the history of the raising of the debt ceiling. for the president to want to go out a year and a half, it seems to be really focused about him opposed to the country. >> greta: the threat of moody's and s and p they're going to down grade our rating. right? i don't get it. these are the people who got us into the mess with their rating in the mid 2006, p, 8. why do they have so much po pou -- power? >> that means interest rates goring to go up. a specific amount of money we're going to have not to spend on things. >> greta: what i don't understand is that they, who have failed us so drastically, now, that is a huge contributing factor to the state of the economy why are
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we now in a position, put the foot on our throat and down grade our credit rate chg will have a huge ramification? like, why are we hostage to these two occasions and organizations? >> because there is a debt of $14 trillion and need to keep borrowing $4 billion per day because we're not responsible in how we spend our money. people don't think they're getting value for money. taxpayers think they're getting ripped off. they don't like it. and look at italy. in two days interest rates there went up a full point. and interest rates go up a percentage point we're $14 trillion in debt. you're talking about $140 billion a year after decisional debt payments we'd have in this country. >> greta: if the economy were roaring we won't be having this discussion. i mean if we'd gone... right. we'd have lots of revenue and the country would be moving
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fast ahaechld but we're all so scared, tight, holding on to money we have no revenue coming in because of the jobs. >> a lot of uncertainty here. talk to jobs creators in wyoming they said i don't know what to do. and the mandate... >> greta: why is why they want long term solutions. >> the president released this petroleum reserve, 30 million barrels. what happens? price dropped to where it was. the president is going to have to fill the reserve again. there are very -- a number of policies coming out of here saying there is too much uncertain tismt what we need to do is not higher taxes we need more people working and paying taxes. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> it's something agreed upon today, and both republicans and democrats, and everyone signed off on the president, two years from now, after the election could those terms be changed?
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>> sure z that is one of the things we've been concerned about. talking about a trillion dollars in saving and spending that is 10 years worth of one year of savings, in other words we'd agree next year the budget would be $3 trillion, excuse me, 3 or $4 billion less than today fchl you run that savings out 10 years and we stick by it, we can save $1 trillion over what we otherwise would spend. >> greta: does anyone have a -- to stick by it?. >> we haven't. >> greta: why do the american people feel seek cure with that? we watched and hear these numbers and these agreements. the fact is that whatever is agreed upon in next congress could get changed and it has been changed. >> it could. that is why republicans, remember, cut, cap, and balance. well, cut is reduction in the terms, the capping is the cap it so it sticks for 10 years so congress can't then get out that have straight jacket skpb
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spending more than we've promised. then, balance is over the long term if you can balance the budget, you never have to get back to this constant uping the debt ceiling. that is why the house of representatives said cut, cut, let's cap it then let's balance the budget. >> greta: why doesn't the senate want that? >> every republican in the senate... >> greta: what do democrats say is wrong with it? >> it constrains spending. they don't want to have too much of a straight jacket in spending because they favor thing that's cost money and they don't want to have too many consraints on spending habits. >> greta: i'm curious, president obama let's say another democratic president, president clinton. would he handle it differently? >> bill clinton did handle this differently. >> greta: how? >> if you go back in time, what bill clinton is willing to do is agree with republican house of representatives led by newt gingrich, for example in welfare reform, and the
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budget they had the government shut down. in those situations he met them halfway. you can argue about what was half but agreed to neemt half way. what happened? during his presidency, republicans head congress we had three years of budget surplus. we cooperated together and met halfway. >> greta: the housing market, and a lot of other pressures. i mean there are were other pressures on our country. >> i grant you that. the question is would he have handled it differently. i think the answer is yes. it wasn't just one side versus another. he was trying to find a middle ground and he frequently did. >> greta: are republicans better off negotiating with senator harry reid or the president and why? >> it's important to try to solve this congressionally now. the president gave it a shot. i'd argue he actually made it worse in his demands and lecturing in saying he
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absolutely under no circumstances would agree to anything but a long-term deal after he first said he absolutely had to have a clean debt ceiling extension. in other words no big deal. he's made a lot of demands here. i think the people in congress are willing to say we work together on a lot of things. let's work this out. and even maybe, if it ends up being a two-step process rather than all at once. >> and how does he save face if that happens? he doesn't want to say i lost public they got everything they wanted? >> we'll try to help him find a way to get off of the limb he's out on if that is what it takes. we've got to save money, not spending so much. extending the debt ceiling so our credit worthyness does not fall into question f you can't do it at once, then let's take it and bite-sized pieces where we can get the job done. this may take longer. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and now the topic of the white house, what is going on behind the scenes there?
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is politics in the equation? sam, how is the white house doing in this? >> doing just slightly better than gone kon gres, not good at all. we know washington is broken for years, we're seeing duct tape and coat hangers holding it together are coming off, too. >> greta: accusations are flying. one is that republicans say that president obama never had a plan. did he have a plan? >> we saw the outline of a plan in the president's speech at george washington university this year. it was $4 trillion in cuts over 12 years. the white house was a plan they put forward and it was a starting point. >> greta: they got hit with a cvo saying we don't score on speeches. >> right z there are a lot of similarities in the health care debate here. the president this, president has been a lot of printing of the details and then, he comes
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in when he's ready to put his thumb to push it one way or another. here he doesn't have anything to push back with accusations with. >> greta: what is his relationship with senator harry reid and speaker john boehner, now? >> i feel like jerry springer would be the first to moderate this. >> greta: really? >> i think hairy reid has taken so much heat for defending president obama. democrats are fed up with the president. they feel like he's taking their sake red -- sacred cows and giving nudging in return. the relationship with speaker john boehner, i think it's the tortured relationship in the city i think they're big eyed dreamers that keep being brought down to earth. if you watched them tonight you saw political masters. it's too bad they're not on the same team and such great politicians because now we
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don't need politicians. >> greta: i think we're down to where we need to have the people save face in order to get something resolved. you almost got to give your opponent something, you might not want to. i mean, you know that is because there is a dangerous element. people just have to win for the sake of winning. >> well, right. and concessions already. they've been rejected by voters. nobody wants to give up something. and nobody seems to be able to say yes to anything. i get calls from family in kentucky and i don't know what to tell them. >> greta: staff working around the president. are they heated about this as the president seems to be? >> right now everybody is trying to maintain calm heads and trying to keep markets calm and trying to assure the world that we're not going to default on obligations.
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behind the scenes i imagine they're just disgusted as the rest of the country. >> greta: is anyone saying the stimulus is working and economy doing well? >> no. people at the white house are saying the stimulus did what it needed to do, keeping the economy from falling off a cliff. >> greta: that proves a negative. look. the way i look at it, the president inherited a bad economy but is responsible forlt trend he's inherited because his policies if they went well, he got credit. if they tanked he got the blame blame. if they were stagnant he'd take responsibility for that. >> sure. but the alternate case could be made the reason we zront a big deal now and not having $4 trillion is because it is republicans not to get a deal to stimulate the economy. if you were to ask the white house they'd say it's all moot if we don't get the debt
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ceiling raised by august 2. at that point, everything goes off the rails. >> greta: we're two and a half years into this program. it's been tested. and we still have a high unemployment rate. people are still suffering. >> right. >> greta: and if those people were working, if the people could work we'd have x revenue going into the economy. it's not going solve debt problems but it's going to motivate people and make people feel positive we're going into the right direction. there is nothing to rev american people up than inspire them. >> i think we're heading into that direction in the early part of the year and last couple months we saw trends reverse head winds. the president keeps calling it. american people need to feel good about this economy. they need something, a shot in the arm, a big deal here would have done that. i don't know what they come away with, except more disgust. >> greta: then, another thing is the fund raising dispute. i assume republicans are doing it, too. i get mailed these things from the d triple c
11:16 pm
trying to raise money. >> it seems distasteful. >> it wasn't a very -- reported but the president obama cancelled a couple fund-raisers i thought that is how you know things are getting bad in washington. the president is canceling fund-raisers. >> there is one tonight he cancelled. >> unheard of. >> greta: what are we doing tomorrow? >> it's groundhog day. we'll get up and do it again. hopefully when we get up there will be a deal. >> greta: are you holding your breath for that one? >> no. no. i'm pulling out my gold fillings and burying money in the backyard. >> greta: i know. it's grim. >> sam, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> and now, does he have a plan b? can we move towards speaker john boehner's plan and senator coburn says there will
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>> greta: think cap and balance is dead? at least right now it is in the united states sna. many republican politicians are not giving up. what is their plan? you tell us, jason chasis joins us, have you given up on the cut, cap and balance? >> no. absolutely not. i think it's a solution. i don't want a deal.
11:21 pm
i want a solution to the problem and i think cut, cap and balance does that. a balanced budget isn't varied. >> greta: what are you willing to give on? >> a debt ceiling increase. i never planned to do that. that is a huge sacrifice for someone like myself. we're giving the president what he wants. now, remember, february, 2010, the presz -- president got a $1.9 trillion debt ceiling increase. what happens ch what happened? here we are back doing the same thing again. i don't want to do that. sacrifice is a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase. >> greta: senator reid's program doesn't have a balanced budget amendment. senator reid has a sort of a hybrid that will be a vote on it. right? >> yes. >> greta: i want congress to be compelled to vote for it. i think if the president got behind it, it would actually
11:22 pm
pass. i encourage speaker boehner, i think it's this close to passing. >> greta: have you ever had conversation was the speaker about this? when is the last time? >> last week,' agreed to bring this up. there was a conference in small groups. i think he's bending over backyards -- backwards to do everything. >> greta: so will you vote for the deal? >> i couldn't. >> greta: you said he bent over backwards. >> i do think he's trying but i want to solve the problem. i worry some of the aspects of what he's proposing here in this effort don't solve the long-term problem. i don't support a commission. we have a bipartisan commission and should be doing our job. it doesn't work. >> greta: that is the conversation i had with concongressman andrews. i think the problem is that american people see a lot of failed efforts and ideas. a lot of people who are now holding feet to fire are doing
11:23 pm
it because there hasn't been a strong example of handling this. >> i want senator reid to actually have a debate and i want the president, and the press to go to the president and ask why are you opposed to a balanced budget ae. you say you want to get the balance but never issued anything. i don't think he wants it. he proposed a budget. the budget never balances. it's doubled and tripled debt and went to the united states senate and lost 97-0. there wasn't one democrat that voted for that. we've never seen something in writing from the president. >> greta: why? >> for me, it's a total lack of leadership. if he was a ceo of the company and we're driving into the ground like this and no plan, i'd fire him. >> greta: and did he give an explanation? >> this is a question that has not been answered. i find it to be a balanced plan. it's going to take seven to 10
11:24 pm
years to go through. all i'm asking for, send to it states for their approveal. that is all i'm asking for. we'll give you, mr. president, what you want more than anything, a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase and deal within 2013. >> greta: what about entitlement problem? >> it's a problem. i want tax reform. and you're not going to do that in three, four, six days. it's just not going to happen in a short amount of time. >> greta: if he does do taxes first for the full commission they said 3300 earmarks and came up with a plan how to deal with that. i just got to ignore it. >> okay. we called it our house republican budget we put forward we broadened base, and get rid of the loopholes. that is common ground. >> greta: and paul ryan of wisconsin republican voted against it and was on the commission. >> yeah that. is why we hear speaker boehner with all due respect wanting to put in another commission
11:25 pm
which was the request of senator reid, we've had 17 commissions and it doesn't work. why do we think 18th time we'd come up with that. >> greta: what is the instruction you're getting in terms of anything? tell me what kind of discussions... >> we're going to be here until this gets solved. >> greta: what is what leadership says? >> oh, yes. the deadline is the best possible thing that can happen. >> greta: i think you think you're going to get cut, cap and balance under the deadline. >> i hope so. >> greta: but do you think you're going to get that? >> i don't know anyone spern going to get everything they want. >> greta: i mean like, you're unwilling to give on that. you're not going to get that, right? >> i'm open to possibilities but want a solution to, me, balanced budget amendment is the single best thing to do. >> greta: is there a plan b? >> i haven't heard one. >> greta: do you have one?
11:26 pm
>> no. we passed it in the house, the biggest threshold there is. 234 votes including five democrats in a bipartisan way passed this that. is why it's so optimistic. we have a solution. cut, cap and balance. >> greta: you're cheerful about it. but the problem is that it didn't get a vote in the senate. >> american people ought to be bombarding senators saying how come you won't talk about this? they cabled it? come on. >> greta: how are you be optimistic? >> cabled it. there is no other solution. it's sunshine every day. >> greta: you're not getting this. you didn't get a vote in the senate. and you haven't got the president on board and you're optimistic? >> i'm not ready to throw in the towel skb go home this, is the greatest country on the plan yismt i want the president to tell american people why he's opposed to a balance budget amendment. he says it's over and we've solved it. he's the only one saying this.
11:27 pm
i told you. we ought to fire him! >> greta: nice to see you, congressman. >> thank autos coming up, even default can be harmful to kme. how are the markets responding now? peter barns is here and member of the gang of six joins us and says we need to do big thicks to solve this crisis. is speaker boehner's proposal big enough for him? what does he think of senator reid's plan?
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>> greta: okay let's face it. default is bad. many describe it as catastrophic. this can scare investors and businesses around the world and we're all connected around the world. and the asian markets are open now and how are those markets react something peter barns joins us. >> asian markets are up now. >> greta: why? >> because did he the do not believe we're going to default or have a downgrade. u.s. stock markets don't, either z bond markets because if they did, if they thought there was going to be a default or a downgrade markets would be so much lower where they are now. dow down 100 points today. >> greta: okay. let's say august 3 they wake up and there is a rude awakening and turns out oh, oh my. they thought goitsing to happen, it does happen. then what happens?
11:32 pm
>> markets have been wrong, so have television commentators. >> greta: what happens then? >> well, i don't know if we want to think about that. it could be ugly. remember we have tarp. it didn't pass first time around, the dow dropped 800 points and congress came back and backed it. >> greta: so a couple days of -- . >> i'm not saying it's not going to be a bumpy ride. we have all of the politics and but none of -- nobody on either side of the aisle is saying we're going to have a default and that we're not going to not agree to pay our bills. >> greta: i can't imagine us defaulting. the united states defaulting? sounds unheard of. and newspapers from around the world online. i see what they're saying about us. and other people discussing it. we can't do our own finances,
11:33 pm
it's rather humiliating. >> greta: don't start on the s and p. >> i don't want to go back to that. >> greta: don't start me on that. i can't imagine any of that. seems impossible. when i listen to members of congress and look at the different plans and see the vast difference and along the lines of politics, and they said i don't know where they compromise, then now they're in a position they've done their deals and now they've got to save face. >> i see a compromise taking shape. i mean we're -- speaker boehner troin dused a bill cutting deficit by $3 trillion. leader reid, his was 2.7. they both have a commission. and what we're -- here is what we're going to have a down payment then we're going to have a part two of this. and the argument now is over what is the down payment on the down payment? and then, we're going to have
11:34 pm
a part two. then an election on this thing. >> sean: the house, and the senate. senate majority leader and speaker cutting a deal between themselves. and the president right out of it? >> is why the president got into the game tonight. >> greta: that was a show? >> the proposals now, leader reid's proposal is not going to pass. if it passes senate it won't pass in the house. because speaker boehner said that. speaker boehner's proposal is not going to pass in the senate. the president was looking over the who arely n -- horizon to thursday or friday. and all of these people are going to be back at the table by weekend. >> greta: the thing is that i always have issue with the president in the proposal. the democrats talk about this speech. but they have the cvo saying we don't score seats. and they don't. >> greta: i understand that. i'm saying the president has
11:35 pm
not looked like he was in charge and sort of, bringing the sides together and being a leader. >> either side could go ate lone and look what happened to it, all right? i'm not defending this, just explaining it. this is what they say. they decided to do health care reform on their own them tried to drag their party along and did it with all democratic votes. look what happened. they lost seats in the house, now, the presidency, there is so much political capital. it's smart politics. he doesn't want to jump in without holding hands. >> greta: it's hard to believe this is an option. >> which is why i think we've heard him tonight. because he -- you're right. after the talks broke down on friday, speaker boehner said he's going to work with the leaders of the senate so the president has let that process whittle on. we've seen proposals announced
11:36 pm
today and so the president wants to gelt back into the game. he's the president of the united states. i'm not defending his leadership style. but he does have a vote here. and no deal is going get done without his approveal. >> greta: peter, thank you. >> nice to see you. >> and no, thank you. >> greta: coming up... what does republican senator cobrn member of the gang of six think about the proposal? and ever heard a passage thank the lord for his smoking hot wife? there is a first time for everything. this is just the beginning. you have to hear this. the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee has a best-in-class driving range of over 500 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in pebble beach and the afternoon meeting in losngeles all without running out of gas.
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>> greta: we spoke today with oklahoma senator coburn a republican member of the gang of six. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you.
11:41 pm
>> greta: we have three plans, gang of six, speaker boehner and now, senate majority leader harry reid. your thoughts on where we're going? >> well, we right now we have dualing bills from the majority leader in the senate and speaker of the house. i don't know where it's going. depends on what the votes are. >> greta: do you like the senate majority leader's bill? >> not particularly. most of it comes in false savings we don't get in terms of more savings, though maybe congressman ryan claims some. none go far enough, greta. i put it out. we need $9 trillion. you just heard an economist tell us we need eight and 10. what we need is real cuts. real honesty with american people how big our problems are. and do the things that will get us there. we hougt to, if we can get a small amount now we ought to get a small amount and work to get more and more.
11:42 pm
but we, minimum we need to settle markets is $4 trillion. >> greta: you said it doesn't define us, you're speaking of speaker boehner's proposal? >> it's a start. again, we're going get more cuts over a longer period of time to give increased boroughing. his is in two stages. but we still need to get more. and what we need to do is, what we need to do is one of the things on the plan is we do need a balanced budget amendment. we've proven incapable of addictive elixer of spending money we don't have. >> and i don't like are the phony cuts. we say in the future we're not going to spend this money, so that is somehow a cut. i think american people are going to understand the real cuts now. >> what we need to do is cut
11:43 pm
about $150 billion next year, another $150 billion next year. so then we have to fix medicare. this is an international financial community. it's not going loan money for medicare. we can't borough do that. we have baby boomers coming into it. we have this inflation going on. we don't have anything that says how will you use health care in this country? the president's plan is to ration that and price control it for, we'll control the price but will have poorer health care system. we need an incremental process. and important thing is that we need to be honest with the american people. we will not get out of the problem without severe pain if we don't get rid of $8 trillion over the next 10 years. >> you've commissioned a reporting. it's sitting on my desk about 1300 pages which is a blueprint of waste,
11:44 pm
overpayment. a real quick way for us to trim some off. what has become of the report? >> it's amazing. we have had one piece of lenl slaigs on the floor we've tried to cut $5 billion. we passed it but it didn't go on to the bill that. is just $5 billion. there are $100 billion to save here. >> greta: i would think those would be popular. government waste would be popular? government overpayment would be popular no matter what party you're in. >> they have advocates for it. you get down to details people don't want to make a tough vote because they'll lose someone's support. we ought to not care and ought to do what is best for the country. that is what is not happening. people are protecting their political position rather than do what is in the best interest of the country. >> greta: you're saying they're selfish? >> very no doubt most politicians are self centered,
11:45 pm
otherwise they won't be here. it's about them. >> is this inevidentable? or is there a way to get people to sort of face the hard issues to talk and also, republicans as well? i mean how do we move politicians to that other position? >> balanced budget amendment. politicians in state houses are self yirn, too but have one fence they're inside of. they can't get out of the fence. the fence is here is the balanced budget requirement. all states but one have that when it comes down to final spending per year they don't go beyond it. they're locked and cannot do it. people will not let them. yet, the people in this country aren't given an opportunity to vote for that in the senate. they didn't have the opportunity. human nature is human nature. it's not going to change. have you to fix rules so human nature can't defeat our country. >> what is behind the scenes
11:46 pm
here? taking a democratic senator to talk to you in terms of the process? >> you mean what is it like? >> what are they say something embarrassed it's been happening this way? proud of the way it's happening? >> we should be embarrassed this problem wasn't solved three months ago. i mean this is isn't something nobody knew was coming we all knew it's coming. people don't want to move off a position until they're forced tox they want to protect their political interests. that is why you won't know what people gorg do until they have to do it. then, you'll see. so anyone can guess what is going to happen. i think boehner has got a better proposal than the leader. the fact is that we need someone to stand up and say time out. you're talking about small things. we need to do big things and needed to have done big things. the fact the president won't agree with bigger things, maybe some blame is on us as republicans for not being flexible enough.
11:47 pm
but the fact is that the country needs to do these things. since we're not going to get a big thing done, the thing to do is do a small thing and try to get the country behind doing the big thing. >> the gang of six. do you have any agreement that was something that republicans could live with and do you think democrat woz have lived witness as well? >> i think some. my distaste is that it's better than nothing. it's far better than anything we've got there now. it's -- it in fact recognizes the we have to reform the tax code. there are some revenue increases in it. but the biggest problem why we're having trouble is because we zront a big friendly climate in this country that would stimulate all new jobs, last owe years have come from new business. new businesses have created and we're stifling that in terms of what we've done to credit market and regulations that are coming out of the
11:48 pm
administration. not just this one, but every administration. more they do, the less freedom they have to create enterprise in this country to grow it. >> greta: i don't know anyone that understands the tax code. i take it some politician has a constituent that likes a particular deduction. >> there are earmarks on the tax code. >> 3300. >> there are 3300 earmarks in the tax code. some are legitimate policy this, is a very gracious country when it comes to helping other people with private money that. is great. we can do home mortgages but shouldn't do second home mortgages and give a deduction on that. everyone of those earmarks has a constituency. it comes back to the problem. what is the problem? politicians don't want to confront constituency for the best interest of the country. >> straight head, are you ready for a blessing?
11:49 pm
yes. a blessing that will have you in stitches? make sure to stay tuned for this nascar. and there are news about the minors in chile stuck underground. and advice from an unexpected guy who may have just experienced what they both need. he's not in government. stick around for our best of the rest. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium,
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an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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11:52 pm
>> greta: you've seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. not many prayers include a thank you for a smoking hot wife. at a nascar race on saturday in nashville, the pastor joe nelms gave a funny prerace blessing. >> heavenly father we thu tu for your blessings. we want to thank you tonight for these mighty machines you brought before us. thank you for the dodges and
11:53 pm
toyotas and fords and most of all we thank you forgiving us power we see before us tonight. thank you for technology and thank you for sonoko racing fields and good year tires and great performance is power to the track. lord i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife tonight, lisa. my two children. lord i pray you bless drivers tonight. may they put on a performance worthy of inspiration tonight. in jesus name, amen! >> all right. well, we've got those fans will never forget that race. remember those miners in chile? stuck underground 69 days? now they're coming to a big screen near you. the producer behind "black
11:54 pm
swan" is teeming up with the screen writer, one miner says we consider this to be a great step of a realization of a film based on our experience in the mine. much of our story has never been told. production set to begin in 2012. and white house and congress got trash talking from an unexpected choice, bob craft had this to say about the nfl lockout and how it worked out. >> i hope we gave a lesson to the people in washington. the debt crisis is a lot easier to fix than this deal was. thank you. >> greta: so maybe craft could join the gang of six and bring us to an agreement? and there you have it. the best of the rest. and coming up, your last call, one more quick round before turning down the lights. did you hear what the president did that has the chinese terrified? stick around.
11:55 pm
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[ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. and move between active apps seamlessly. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. >> greta: sloek almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. president obama's overseas activities are making some people worried. at least that is what jay leno says. >> a big joke in london has
11:59 pm
fined the president for not paying a $16 traffic fee. how scare zd that make the chinese? huh? we can't pay england $16? how are we going to pay them $14 trillion? this is not looking good. the president got emotional and mad tonight. he could not work out a deal with republicans walked out. he couldn't work it out, in less than two weeks u.s. government defaults and the federal reserve is working out a plan to determine who gets paid first. i think we agree, i don't care what gets paid first, just so congress gets paid last, okay? >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you follow us on greta we're going to put up an open thread. you can say whatever you want about tonight's show and tomorrow night we have brand new graphics and new music. i haven't seen it all.

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